Answered Prayer


Answered Prayer

My cancer worsened and my treatment options were diminishing. I decided to retire from teaching and focus the remainder of my life on God’s plan. In between treatments and side effects, I involved myself in outreach opportunities -- sharing my trial and sharing my faith with those who were in similar circumstances. As my cancer worsened, my son increased his emotional stake in my recovery. His heart began to soften and he searched out “spiritual” opportunities to reflect and pray. Seeing an opening, his wife suggested that their family attend church. She searched out a large, progressive church where my son could melt-in. My son started attending periodically “to support his wife and family.” My years’ of prayer were starting to bear fruit.

After a few months of attending church, my son came across a pastor who used a rational, evidence-based approach to teaching the Bible. This pastor spoke to my son’s heart. Again, my daughter-in-law seized the opportunity and discovered a multi-week, evidence-based teaching series at the church. She challenged my son to attend, and in the spirit of his pride and intellect, he accepted the challenge.

My son stuck with the challenge, and about six months later, he asked to attend church with me on Mothers’ Day. It was there, by my side, that he rededicated his life to Christ after 20 years. Later, we went to breakfast, and he shared his journey with me, asking me to be his spiritual mentor for the next chapter in his life. I’m obviously overjoyed! After 20 years of fervent prayer, my greatest desire was granted. After five years of cancer, my painful trial was given meaning. Be patient, be perseverant, be constantly in prayer -- God knows all and He’s in absolute control of the perfect timing.

Answered Prayer. . .

Today, I gave my testimony for the third year at Christian Outreach Week. I’m sure it blessed others, but not as much as it blessed me. This year, Randy asked to speak with me on how my cancer brought him back to the Lord. God does answer prayers in mysterious ways, and does work everything for good to those who believe, and does answer a mother’s most fervent prayer for the soul of her beloved son.

During Randy’s portion of our talk, I felt so much love! Randy previously asked me how to get the head knowledge of Christ into his heart. Well, I saw that happening as he talked emotionally about how my cancer affected his life, while looking at me with so much love in his eyes. He was surprised that so many mothers heard his message as one of “The Prodigal Son,” which gave them hope for their wayward children. A girlfriend approached me and said, “Randy will be a great man of God.”

What a grand purpose for my cancer. . .

Thank you for your promises for Randy!

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