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Blessings of Cancer

Blessings of Cancer

I started focusing on the blessings of cancer. During chemotherapy, my friends took turns preparing our dinner every night. They would even ask what I felt like eating, so when I had mouth sores, I would get mashed potatoes with gravy or chicken soup, with pudding or applesauce for dessert. My family was also very supportive. My husband went to every doctor visit with me, and it helped to have two sets of ears to be sure we heard all the information correctly. He also accompanied me to all my scans and many of my chemotherapy sessions, as well as taking over most of the household chores. My son and his family were my champions, constantly giving me strength and hope for the future. Their positive attitude helped me to be optimistic and that is important in the healing process. Dozens of recent studies show that optimism boosts the immune system. One study at UCLA proved that optimists had more disease-fighting killer cells in their blood than pessimists.

True Blessing…

Today was my 60th birthday! I can’t believe I’m 60!! I don’t feel old. But I feel blessed by God to be alive. I know my days are numbered and that God is the only one who knows how many days I have left here on earth. I am so thankful that He has chosen to let me live this long so I can get to know my grandchildren, see my son and daughter-in-law grow in their love of the Lord, finish my memoirs, and minister to others with cancer. I am also thankful that God has allowed me to be here for Bob, rather than adding another lost loved one to his tragedies.

True Reign

As I watch the end of my life getting closer, God is taking a larger place in my life. I am only sorry I did not give Him more reign in my past. But He can turn anything for His good and I see Him doing that with the days He will give me.

True Beauty…
The beauty of youth is physical.
The beauty of age is spiritual.

True Life…

It is better to add life to your years
than to add years to your life.

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