When Nancy Tuttle learned she had breast cancer, life took on a sense of urgency most of us never know. With an aching heart, she sought God for purpose. With a prepared mind, she heard His direction…

“Nancy, write to Me. Share your thoughts and fears…
Your desires for your son and your family…
Talk to Me…”

Little did she know as she faithfully opened her journal each day, that God was working out a purpose through her that would reach beyond her life. She poured out her heart to God about her struggles with divorce, a prodigal son, loneliness, and finally, cancer.

Go on a journey with Nancy Tuttle as God revealed His plans for her life. We offer the following messages of hope and purpose to all readers who travel similar paths...

The following comprise excerpts from the books:
The Prodigal Prayer, Correspondence with God, and Purpose in Trial
by Nancy Tuttle and Randall Niles.


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